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Identification of biomarkers is the defining component of Precision Medicine and is key to improving the way we diagnose and treat patients. Within the competitive drug development landscape, it is now more important than ever to understand your compound’s mechanism of action, demonstrate target engagement and identify biomarkers allowing you to confidently enter the market with a safe and effective therapy for the right patient population.

Alimentiv has combined world-renowned GI clinical and scientific expertise along with cutting-edge translational technologies to accelerate any drug development program.

Our experienced team partners with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies providing expertise and project oversight at every step along the drug development pathway, from biomarker strategy planning through seamless integration of sample collection to in-depth data analysis and interpretation. Together, we can gain insights into the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of your compound.

The delivery of high-quality precision medicine services is our top priority, empowering you to make informed decisions faster.

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Alimentiv has an established track record for the delivery of precision medicine services in GI clinical trials with deep experience and unparalleled thought leadership making Alimentiv a trusted partner of pharmaceutical companies. We lead with science to transform human health.

Our scientific leadership in GI, combined with our operational expertise is what differentiates us from the competition. Profits generated by Alimentiv are used to fund important academic initiatives. We leverage this research to evaluate novel cutting-edge technologies in proof-of-concept studies and identify molecular signatures that advance our understanding of the disease pathophysiology and treatment response.

The Alimentiv Translational Research Consortium (ATRC), comprised of leading IBD academic laboratories, was established in 2016 to foster collaboration toward answering translational research questions to get safe and effective drugs to patients quicker.  The ATRC hosts an annual symposium, bringing together gastroenterologists, basic & translational scientists, clinical pharmacologists, trialists, and industry sponsors to identify areas of translational research that can guide treatment strategies and accelerate further drug development.

Dates and Agenda For the 2024 Symposium; Combination Therapy in IBD Are Coming Soon.

Information On Past Symposia:

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