Data analysis starts with proper experimental design. That’s why at Alimentiv we engage our clients from the very start of the project to identify the scientific question(s) or project goals, such as the identification or validation of predictive or pharmacodynamic biomarkers, characterization of the mechanism of action, or identification of optimal drug dosage.

We help you determine the proper sample type, number of subjects, controls, downstream analysis plans, and other clinical trial design aspects that should be defined to address these questions.

At the analysis stage, we utilize state-of-the-art bioinformatics and statistical methods to quantitate differences in the genes, proteins, or other molecules measured in your experiment.

Additional bioinformatic analyses that go beyond the individual genes to the pathway level are also available to identify processes and pathways that give insights into the mechanism of action.

Integration of data, whether it is a correlation with clinical endpoints or a correlation between markers in different assays, will provide further mechanistic insight to help you make data-driven decisions. We will work closely with you to provide data in a format ready for publication, presentation, or further ‘data-mining’-whatever your preference. No matter what the question and experiment, Alimentiv will be there every step of the way.