Working at Alimentiv


Working at Alimentiv

We believe in recognizing and rewarding our employees for the growth and development of our organization. Our unique ownership model was created with this in mind.

We recognize the important role that work plays in life, and the responsibility we have as an employer to create a safe and fulfilling workplace.

Our People

  • Kindness and collaboration

We believe in a positive, healthy, and peaceful working environment where we help each other succeed as individuals and as an organization. Expect to have exceptionally friendly, kind, collaborative, and supportive colleagues at all levels; and expect acts of kindness and compassion to be commonplace.

Our Purpose

  • Purpose-driven

Transform Human Health is our purpose and a defining pillar of the culture. You will experience the solidarity, drive, and satisfaction of contributing to this purpose. No matter your department or role, your work will be meaningful and appreciated by your colleagues, the community, and society at large.

Our Model

As a private, for-profit, and social enterprise, we have different objectives than traditionally structured companies. We can offer a different kind of employee experience: competitive and innovative with value placed on social improvement and recognizing employees for the roles they play in the growth of the organization.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Contributing to social improvement is central to our culture and structure. Our employees are generous and caring, and they contribute to a number of causes globally:


  • Gusty Walk

“Each year our incredibly generous employees fundraise and participate in the Gusty Walk for Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis Canada, which has raised over $45,000,000 CAD. These funds are used for IBD research programs, advocacy, raising awareness, and supporting patients and families.” Source: https://gustywalk.ca/about/Why-Walk.aspx

United States

  • Surfing Madonna Run

Our San Diego team combine fundraising for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation (USA) with other social causes like the Surfing Madonna Run. “The Surfing Madonna Oceans Project is focused on raising money to save the ocean and protect the coastline through creating advocates, educational programs, grants, marine rescue/recovery, and helping children with special needs discover the healing power of the ocean.” Source: https://surfingmadonnarun.org/

The Netherlands

  • Zuiderzeeklassieker

Every September, our Amsterdam team members challenge themselves to 50km, 80km or 120km cycling rides in an effort to raise money for the Dutch GI Foundation. Source: https://www.zuiderzeeklassieker.nl/

Through volunteering and/or fundraising, we also contribute to charities that support Heart & Stroke, Cancer, Pediatric Health, Mental Health, Women’s Refuge, Human Trafficking, Animal Welfare, Wildlife Rehabilitation, Veterans, and Food Banks.

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Surfing Madonna
Team groot


While our biggest successes are still ahead of us, we are proud of the recognitions we have received to date for our culture, innovation, diversity, and global growth:


  • London’s Best Places to Work, London Inc. Magazine, 2020


  • Beyond Borders, London Chamber of Commerce, 2019
  • Mentorship Champion Award, Immploy, 2019


  • Innovation Award, London Chamber of Commerce, 2015
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