We Are Global

We are a culturally diverse organization with a presence in two continents. Today, we have offices in London, Ontario, Canada, Amsterdam and San Diego.

We Are Collaborators

We work with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, key opinion leaders and the investigator community to advance the development of effective treatments. From concept to completion, we provide tailored and innovative recommendations for the design and implementation of research.

We Are Pioneers

We are consistently developing new ways to improve clinical trial outcomes and accelerate drug development timelines. We were first to bring solutions for central imaging of endoscopy and histopathology to the market, and we recently built a translational science network that can accelerate and enhance early drug development.

We are recognized experts in inflammatory bowel disease and clinical trial design

We are known as leaders in outcomes development, cluster randomization trials and centralized imaging solutions. Our experience in R&D and clinical research forms the basis for our integrated solutions to complex operational needs and regulatory standards.

For 30 years, Robarts Clinical Trials grew from a unit within the Robarts Research Institute at Western University to a global organization with more than 300 employees.

In 2020, we transitioned ownership of the organization to an independent Health Trust with a mission to Transform Human Health and our guiding principle to use profits from our operations to build enduring businesses that prioritize research and the best interests of our employees.

In line with our continued evolution, we decided to rebrand the company to Alimentiv. Alimentiv, derived from Alimentary, connects with our vision to be a leading GI CRO that accelerates drug discovery. Its meaning, to nourish and provide sustenance, represents our values of building enduring businesses that prioritize research and people.

With a vision to transform human health through academic and private partnerships, the organization has reinvested its profits into research that aligns with a purpose shared by our partners- to accelerate drug discovery.

Our logo, symbolized by an enduring olive tree, is a profound link to our commitment to a 100-year view. Just like the olive tree, which has persisted through the cultivation of seeds over two millennia, our organization stands resilient.

Rooted in the dedicated contribution of past generations and propelled by the unwavering commitment of our present and future contributors, we are poised for sustained growth, aiming to fulfill our purpose To Transform Human Health for a century or beyond.

Our commitment to research and the people responsible for our success has remained strong. That focus has allowed us to expand our global footprint, deepen our operational expertise and further strengthen our scientific network.

Alimentiv Health Trust

The Alimentiv Health Trust is the parent company of Alimentiv, Inc, and its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Alimentiv Statistics and, Acelabio. The purpose of the trust is to transform human health by building enduring businesses that prioritize research and the best interests of employees.

AcelaBio (US) Inc. is a commercial state-of-the-art research laboratory delivering histopathology and precision medicine services for GI global clinical trials. It is wholly owned by the Alimentiv Health Trust and was created to meet the growing clinical research demand for quality and efficiency in laboratory service.

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Alimentiv Statistics is a niche Contract Research Organization (CRO) with renowned expertise in Clinical Trial Design, Statistical Analysis and Data Management supporting clinical research. We provide trusted services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, BioPharma & medical device companies across all phases of clinical trials.

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