Whether you need protocol insight, have specific questions or need a full biomarker development plan, our fit-for-purpose biomarker consulting offers professional and experienced guidance to help you during any stage of clinical development. Our Translational Scientists will work with you to determine an appropriate panel of biomarkers and methodologies to investigate the mechanism of action, confirm target engagement and evaluate the efficacy and/or safety of your target agent.

The support of our Precision Medicine team will make your decision-making process easier. We will work with you to understand your Precision Medicine questions and provide expert guidance. The breadth of our experience enables our team to explore innovative and custom solutions for your compound, clinical program, and/or clinical study.

Biomarker Plan Development

Don’t leave discoveries to chance, design your study to answer your research questions

A well-defined biomarker plan sets the stage for success as it is designed to align the translational objectives with clinical study constraints. Alimentiv weighs all these considerations so that insights are not left to chance.  

Alimentiv’s biomarker plan guided approach saves time and money compared to the classical approach of “analyze the data you have”. Often clinical studies collect all samples available from all tissues and timepoints, store them until study completion, and then decide what types of assays can be done and what kind of data can be derived. This approach is not driven by translational objectives and leads to years of unnecessary sample storage costs and uninterpretable data.

Our expert team can be your guide to obtaining valuable data and uncovering novel insights to tell the story of your compound.

We use a step-by-step process to develop a customized biomarker plan which outlines:

The translational objectives of the study

What types of samples will be collected at each timepoint

Sample collection procedures and storage conditions

How data will be visualized

Samples, Assays, and Analyses: Building a Biomarker Plan for Precision Medicine in Clinical Trials