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Jan 8, 2024

Alimentiv Announces Pierre Gaudreault as New Chief Executive Officer

London, Ontario, Canada, January 8, 2024 – Alimentiv Inc. (“Alimentiv”) is pleased to announce the appointment of Pierre Gaudreault as its Chief Executive Officer, effective January 2024. Th…


Nov 8, 2023

Alimentiv, AcelaBio, and PharmaNest Unite To Revolutionize Precision Medicine and AI Digital Pathology For NASH/MASH Clinical Trials.

LONDON, ON, November 8, 2023 – Alimentiv Inc., AcelaBio Inc., and PharmaNest Inc. are pleased to announce their collaborative effort aimed at revolutionizing precision medicine and artificial in…


Jun 24, 2022

Comparison of the Relative Sensitivity of Clinical, Endoscopic, and Histologic Remission for Detection of Treatment Efficacy in Ulcerative Colitis Trials

Brian Feagan, Christopher Ma, Guangyong Zou, Malcolm Hogan, Rocio Sedano, Vipul Jairath.


May 20, 2022

Development and Validation of a Digital Analysis Method to Quantify CD3-immunostained T Lymphocytes in Whole Slide Images of Crohn’s Disease Biopsies

Brian Feagan, Guangyong Zou, Lisa M Shackelton, Niels Vande Casteele, Stefanie C McFarlane, Vipul Jairath.


Apr 21, 2022

The IBUS Group E.V. and Alimentiv Inc. Announce Partnership to Implement Intestinal Ultrasound Central Reading Services in Clinical Trials for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

London, ON, CANADA, Release: January 27, 2022 The International Bowel Ultrasound (IBUS) Group e.V. and Alimentiv Inc. announced today a partnership to offer intestinal ultrasound (IUS) central reading…


Mar 30, 2022

Disease Activity Indices for Pouchitis: A Systematic Review

Brian Feagan, Claire E Parker, Geert D’Haens, Lisa M Shackelton, Rocio Sedano, Vipul Jairath.


Mar 25, 2022

Reliability of histologic assessment for NAFLD and development of an expanded NAFLD activity score

Brian Feagan, Christopher Ma, Guangyong Zou, Rohit Loomba, Vipul Jairath.


Mar 22, 2022

Discovery Accelerated: Drug Development in NASH