London, Canada and Vancouver, Canada – Alimentiv, a global contract research organization (CRO) providing clinical trials, central image management, precision medicine, and real-world evidence services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, and Satisfai Health, a Vancouver-based software company focused on the application of artificial intelligence to gastrointestinal disease assessment, are announcing the commercial availability of Satisfai Health’s Certai product as an automated, AI-powered solution for the secondary analysis of endoscopic video in Phase I through IV IBD clinical trials. Certai will be exclusively available to Alimentiv’s sponsor clients and will provide advanced data insights alongside Alimentiv’s central reading services.

Certai was developed using a comprehensive global dataset of anonymized IBD colonoscopy videos, with data labeling and clinical oversight from the globally leading experts on the assessment and scoring of IBD within clinical trials. “Using Certai is like having the world’s leading IBD experts on your shoulder,” said Dr. Michael Byrne, CEO, Satisfai Health. Dr. Remo Pannacione, a leading global expert in the development of therapies for IBD, further commented that “the standardization of disease scoring by AI brings us an entirely new level of insight that can make a real difference to how we control and analyze data, ultimately powering better outcomes across the board.” 

Certai will be made available in Alimentiv’s multi-modal imaging platform, Notō, offering a unique end-to-end solution supporting image review and centralized scoring. “The technical integration of Satisfai‘s products into Alimentiv’s software provides a foundation for the future advanced capabilities in digital biomarker identification, precision medicine, and companion diagnostics. We are very excited to bring these advancements in digital analysis into our portfolio,” said Jeff Smith, CEO, Alimentiv.  In securing these exciting new technologies for sponsor client use, Alimentiv will continue to lead the industry with more detailed, accurate analysis, highly competitive trial costs, and faster timelines. Certai is not a medical device and is not used by healthcare professionals for clinical decision-making or for the provision of patient care. 

About Satisfai Health: 

Satisfai Health is a leading medical software company specializing in the application of Artificial Intelligence technology to the assessment of gastrointestinal diseases. Satisfai’s medical image analysis, clinical decision support, and precision medicine tools are used to improve disease assessment and measurement in clinical settings as well as for the evaluation of patient data in clinical trials. Satisfai’s core capabilities are centered on the endoscopic assessment of Upper GI diseases (Barrett’s Esophagus) and lower GI diseases (Colorectal Cancer and Inflammatory Bowel Disease), as well as novel applications of Artificial Intelligence to Intestinal Ultrasound. Satisfai Health has employed advanced digital technology to develop detailed and discrete scoring models for IBD within the scope and parameters of globally recognized scoring methodologies. For more information, visit:

About Alimentiv:

Alimentiv is a global gastroenterology-focused contract research organization (CRO) providing clinical trials, central image management, precision medicine, and real-world evidence services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Headquartered in London, Ontario, Alimentiv employs more than 500 people across its operations in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. The organization’s unique model combines the efforts of internationally recognized academic researchers and operational experts to offer integrated solutions to customers. Over the past 20 years, Alimentiv has become a recognized expert in clinical trial design, central image management solutions, outcome measure development, and precision medicine for drug development in GI. Today, Alimentiv provides services in more than 50 countries worldwide, collaborates with leading universities and academic institutions across the globe, and works with many leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations to bring new and improved treatment options to patients. Alimentiv is committed to investment in medical research and development, focusing on identifying barriers to drug development and pursuing solutions that advance GI research. The research findings are operationalized into an efficient clinical trial methodology for clients that aligns with emerging regulatory standards. In collaboration with leading experts, Alimentiv has pioneered the development, validation, and standardization of outcome measures and technology, shaping the evolving clinical trial landscape for multiple indications and providing meaningful long-term consequences for patients, their treatment, and society. For more information, visit: