Our research and services are built on a firm foundation of academic excellence and a vast therapeutic experience. We translate those intellectual assets into innovation in medicine and success for our clients.

Our leaders have individually and collectively made academic contributions to clinical, biostatistical, and translational research that drive the evolution of clinical trial design and the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases. We are tackling the most difficult unmet research and medical needs and providing solutions to improve human health. Client access to and collaboration with these academic experts differentiates Alimentiv from traditional Contract Research Organizations.

Collaboration expands our clinical and therapeutic expertise and our ability to address unmet medical needs. Our academic partners are internationally recognized experts in target indications, outcomes research, and disease assessment. Their contributions are fundamental to the design and conduct of efficient trials and improved patient outcomes.

Daniel Philpott

Director, Clinical Operations

Sandy Pironaggi-Trocchi

Director, Quality Assurance

Wendy Teft

Vice President, Precision Medicine

Arti Ramji

Director, Diversity & Learning

Christine Müeller Rosenau

Director, Clinical Study Management

Minni Singh

Practice Director, Enterprise Analyses

Jeff Walt

Senior Manager, Regulatory Affairs