Dr. Eileen Crowley completed her honours medical degree at the National University of Ireland and subspecialty training with the Royal College of Physicians, Ireland. Moving to SickKids, Toronto for fellowship training in Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition and submitted her Master’s thesis entitled ‘Towards Personalized Care in Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease’. She completed postdoctoral training and subspecialty Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease training in the laboratory of Dr Aleixo Muise and received CIHR grant funding for supports.  She was co-supervised by Dr Anne Griffiths working on the Canadian (CIDsCaNN) IBD network.
Dr Crowley’s area of clinical specialty include pediatric IBD.  Her research interests include pediatric IBD, the genetics of IBD, therapeutic drug monitoring and precision medicine.  Her work has served to better delineate the genetic phenotype of children with IBD as well as optimizing response to therapy in this age group.
Dr Crowley works as a Pediatric Gastroenterologist at the Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences, Ontario, as an Assistant Professor with Western University and Clinician Investigator in Pediatric IBD.  Dr Crowley intends to pursue further research in index development and clinical trials in Pediatric IBD.