Leading With Science

Our Medical Research and Development team are not just experts in the design and conduct of clinical trials. We identify barriers to drug development and identify solutions to advance GI research.

End to End Process

Our network of interdisciplinary teams work together to customize each imaging solution and facilitate image processing and centralized assessment of videos and/or images to ensure efficient and reliable delivery of results to our clients.

Imaging Project Management

Our clients are provided with an Imaging Project Management team consisting of a Project Director, Project Manager, and Project Coordinator dedicated to collaborating with our clients. The Project Management team works closely with our clients to facilitate start-up, customize the imaging solution to meet study-specific needs and report progress throughout the study’s lifespan.

Service Desk

Our service desk team is the first point of contact for internal and external customers, clinical sites, and sponsors who seek equipment, server requests, video processing, and video results. We are available 24/7 365 days a yearfor all parts of the world to assist with incoming queries in a timely manner. We can be reached over the phone or email and we will give the best solution based on the issue and details presented—we follow-up and update client status and information before closing the service desk ticket.

Centralized Assessment

Central Readers are gastroenterologists and gastroenterology pathologists located across the globe experienced in reading endoscopy and digitized histological images. They are knowledgeable in outcome scoring for the therapeutic indication being assessed to provide reliable independent, blinded centralized assessment.

They receive ongoing training of scoring indices and testing to ensure consistency in their assessments. Alimentiv works with our clients to determine the appropriate reading paradigm and number of Central Readers suited for each protocol to improve the quality and validity of endpoint assessment.

Data Management

An experienced Clinical Data Management team will work closely with you to develop an eCRF specific to your trial’s needs. Our technical team finds motivation in helping to provide innovative and creative solutions. Support continues during the trial lifecycle through reporting, data review, and reconciliation, with a focus on delivering quality, consistent, and complete data.


Our Logistics team works to provide a comprehensive service to clients in over 60 countries around the world, and has extensive experience supporting clients throughout every step of our end-to-end process in close collaboration with the Project Management department. Expert members of our team prepare raw materials and stage study-specific software to be site-ready, while our Logistics Coordinators leverage their thorough understanding of the many and varied rules and regulations of global exportation in order to ensure our distinctive CIMs Blue Box is delivered swiftly.

Our in-house AI system allows us to track and trace equipment throughout its time with any given study, during which we monitor its usage in order to anticipate a site’s equipment needs before any issues appear, eliminating downtime for our clients. Our team works closely with the Service Desk team to offer sites support for any changes in equipment requirements during the length of a study.