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About Us

On May 1, 2018, Dr. John McDonald settled the Health Academic Research Trust (now Alimentiv Health Trust). Its purpose is to develop health care innovation through investment in human health initiatives, research and commercial entities, and to foster collaboration and commitment among stakeholders. The beneficiaries of the Trust are the employees of those enterprises it holds.

How we measure success

Rather than the value of an exit strategy, we focus on how well Alimentiv enterprise achieves its purpose. By following our core values, Alimentiv companies will positively impact their employees, sponsors, partners and the communities they serve.


Central to the purpose of the health trust is investment by its companies into medical research and development. The vision for a private-academic collaboration was first established by Dr. Henry Barnett with the founding of Robarts Clinical Trials in 1986, and driven forwards when Dr. Brian Feagan assumed leadership in 1997 with a subsequent shift of focus to inflammatory bowel disease.

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In May 2018, 100 percent of the common shares in Alimentiv Inc. (formerly Robarts Clinical Trials) were acquired from Western University by the Trust. This ownership transition made Alimentiv the first organization to be wholly owned by the Alimentiv Health Trust. Led by its purpose to transform human health, Alimentiv’s vision is to be a leading gastrointestinal clinical research organization that accelerates drug discovery.

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A core value of the Alimentiv Health Trust is building companies that put their employees first. Alimentiv companies engage inspired, talented individuals who are motivated by the mission and vision of the enterprise they represent. Our companies support their people with competitive total compensation and a culture that prioritizes customer, collaborator and community care.

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