CIMS Endoscopy

Alimentiv’s solution for central image management is our CIMS technology which facilitates video assessment of endoscopic disease activity and is the most widely recognized, integrated hardware/software/service solution for global clinical trials. CIMS has achieved this through the facilitation of endoscopic procedure video acquisition, processing and publishing and the secure sharing of videos to facilitate central review.

Alimentiv customizes our CIMS kits to meet our client’s needs by developing software, reference and training materials to accompany our Video Capture Equipment. Our CIMS technology provides clinical sites with a reliable video acquisition solution with integrated colonic landmark functionality, and a simple end-user experience. This environmentally conscientious solution incorporates reusable video capture equipment which means less storage impact to clinical sites, decreased costs for our clients, and a reduced carbon footprint.

Our 21CFR11 compliant technology allows our clients to submit their endoscopy data with confidence. Data is fully auditable, protected, and reliable.  Once captured, these videos and images are securely encrypted and are available to authorized users only.



  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Pouchitis

Scoring Indices:

  • SES-CD
  • Mayo Score
  • Modified Mayo Score