Magnetic Resonance Imaging/Enterography

A safer, non-invasive method for disease activity assessment is available. Magnetic resonance enterography has high diagnostic accuracy, does not require exposure to ionizing radiation, and is considerably less invasive than endoscopy, which is important given the need for serial assessments in clinical trials. The ability of MRE to assess disease activity beyond the endoscope in clinical trials may lead to inclusion of a broader patient population, improved patient selection, retention and safety, and increased efficiency to detect a treatment effect. Alimentiv Clinical Trials has added this low-risk, non-invasive imaging option to our array of client solutions, and we have partnered with international expert radiologists for centralized assessment of MR images.


  • Perianal Fistulizing Crohn’s Disease
  • Small Bowel Crohn’s Disease

Scoring Indices

  • Van Assche
  • Magnetic Resonance Index of Activity (MaRIA) Scoring System