Diversity and Inclusion


Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to fostering a culture where all employees and prospective candidates receive equal opportunities. We value fairness and equal treatment on the grounds of age, disability, gender, marital status, race, ethnic origin, colour, nationality, national origin, religion or belief, or sex and sexual orientation.

We provide support, learning, and growth opportunities to help our people achieve by teaching them to leverage their unique skills and abilities.

Our commitment to employees includes:

  • a friendly, caring, and supportive work environment where differences are celebrated and individuals are treated with respect, professionalism, and dignity.
  • a transparent, safe, and accessible physical and virtual workspace that does not tolerate harassment, bullying, or intimidation.
  • a merit-based approach when deciding employee learning, development, and growth opportunities.
  • partnerships with community organizations offering assistance to people facing barriers to employment.
  • regular reviews of our policies and procedures related to diversity and inclusion; ensuring equality and fairness for employees and candidates.