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“So great is our innate love of learning and of knowledge, that no one can doubt that man’s nature is strongly attracted to these things even without the lure of any profit.” -Marcus Tullius Cicero

Investment in and training of the next generation of therapeutic experts is critical to the growth and sustainability of clinical research and to our organization. We offer educational opportunities to talented and motivated individuals from all over the world. Our advanced fellowships enrich both clinical expertise and training and foster research on topics ranging from best practices in clinical trial organizational functions to outcome measure development and validation, and from trial quality assurance to central reading paradigms. Fellowships are hosted in any of our three locations and can be combined with an advanced IBD clinical fellowship at University of California San Diego (Dr. Sandborn), Academic Medical Center (Dr. D’Haens) or Western University (Dr. Jairath). We encourage all those with vision, drive, and curiosity to apply.

Our current and past fellow scholars include:


Dr. Rocio Sedano (Chile, Santiago)

Dr. Ahmed Almradi (Cape Town, South Africa)

Dr. Juri Hanzel (Ljubljana, Slovenia)


Dr. Reena Khanna (London, Ontario, Canada)

Dr. Mahmoud Mosli (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

Dr. Mark Samaan (London, UK)

Dr. Krisztina Gecse (Budapest, Hungary)

Dr. Gregor Novak (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Dr. Peter Hindryckx (Ghent, Belgium)

Dr. Marjolijn Duijvestein (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Dr. Robert Battat (New York, NY, USA)

Dr. Christopher Ma (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Dr. Parambir Dulai (La Jolla, California, USA)