Medical Research and Development

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With the support of our senior scientific /biostatistical advisors and the vision created by Dr Feagan, medical research and development is now led by Dr Vipul Jairath. Through a truly global collaboration with clinical experts across IBD and other disciplines, our research investments have improved measurement in clinical trials through the rigorous development and validation of clinical outcomes measures in histopathology, endoscopy and imaging as well as patient reported outcomes.

These outcome measures are routinely incorporated into clinical drug development programs, developed with the goal of improving efficiency within clinical trials. We have contributed investment into large scale investigator-initiated trials designed to tackle important practice questions which have helped shaped care in the clinic for patients with IBD. We continue to invest in tomorrow’s leaders through the IBD Clinical Trials Fellowship program, often partnered with clinical fellowships at Western University, UCSD and the AMC.

These efforts have been possible through internal investment, peer reviewed charitable grants and industry collaborations. We are proud of the academic output in top tier journals and eagerly look ahead to continuing our investment in and collaborations with the greater academic research community to refine and improve the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.


Alimentiv is proud to work with these key opinion leaders in MR&D: