Mike has led the business development and marketing teams at Alimentiv since 2015. His focus is finding solutions to clients’ ever-changing needs in the field of gastrointestinal research.


Mike has spent his 30+ year career on the commercial side of the medical device and pharmaceutical industry. He has worked for companies in both areas and has a strong understanding of all aspects of the clinical research process. He listens to clients, understands the clinical trial at hand, and develops/presents accurate, clear and transparent plans.

Mike has a Bachelor of Science and an Honors Bachelor of Commerce.


Mike counts as his achievements the growth of good organizations like Alimentiv that employ talented people and work together to drive drug development ahead.


“Winning in business is not about satisfaction of one’s own needs and wants or getting the upper hand in a negotiation, but truly about working with great people, delivering high-quality work that meets our sponsors’ needs.”